But in this stage where they’re being pushed into a corner,Oikawa-san..will set it to Iwaizumi-san

Oikawa, stop picking fights with first years!

Kageyama’s actually trying to smile…

You sound like a kid. Stop picking fight!



Hello everyone! We’re excited to announce the launching of a Sousuke centric event for his upcoming birthday on the 14th of September!

We often see rather negative things in the tags about our lovely whale shark, so thought this would be a good opportunity to gather as much love and positivity as we can for him!

Our goal is simple: To celebrate Yamazaki Sousuke in all his tall, dark and handsome glory on his birthday.

To do this, all you have to do is submit a piece of fanwork (we’ll take fanworks of all medias) before 11:59pm of 14th of September, whatever timezone you are in. You can submit something through our submission page at any time before the deadline, or you can just post it to your own blog and tag your work with our url (yamazakiday). We’ll keep track of works that way and reblog it instead if you prefer it that way.

Having said that this is a Sousuke centric event, it is encouraged that submissions focus on him, but we also accept works that contain pairings. NSFW is also accepted.

The rules in detail are here.

The event itself is still in its early stages, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our askbox!

We look forward to seeing all your wonderful submissions!

It’s hard to see, but that’s expression he has means he’s pretty into it


handa’s reaction to seeing the onde was so cute!! what a nerd. and hiro was cute too of course 

lazewarrior lined this for me!! i lined it once really messily in pen and then she made everything smooth and pretty * O *


More Baka couple makoharu doodles from EP9 ^^

First EP9 comic here ^^

prehistorically: I'm creying. that icecream ref in your tags. it made me picture haru as hyuna.